LPG Shipping

Safe, efficient LPG shipping

At BW LPG India, we are committed to growing our presence in India. India is the world’s second largest importer of LPG, and long-term trends together with strong government support for the use of LPG are expected to support growing domestic demand.

Retail demand for LPG in India continues to grow. Significant infrastructure investments into new pipelines, port expansions and storage facilities have encouraged high LPG imports. The country’s investments in propane dehydrogenation plants also bodes well for potential LPG import demand for the petrochemical sector. We champion the safe and efficient delivery of liquefied petroleum gas or LPG, and aim to be our customers’ preferred LPG shipping partner with our strengths.

A Very Large Gas Carrier BW Cedar

Our Strengths:


Low vessel age

The average age of our LPG vessels is approximately 13 years. Our vessels undergo regular drydocking at reputable yards. Certified to international standards, our Very Large Gas Carriers can also be used for international trading. See our fleet.


Local ship management with access to international expertise

Synergy Ship Management is a leading India ship manager with a decade of experience and over 500 vessels in its portfolio. We can also lean on experienced maritime professionals from BW LPG for added resources when necessary – giving us a competitive edge over peers.


Trading expertise

We have an in-house product services team, with solid credit facilities for trading. Our team also enjoys strong relationships with both export and import parties. Read about BW Product Services.


Ambitious growth plans

We have ambitions to invest in future infrastructure growth opportunities within the LPG value chain in India, and we have access to competitive financing because of our association with BW LPG and the larger BW Group.


Leading the Middle East – India trade route

With a fleet of India-flagged LPG vessels, we receive preferential rights in the spot and time-charter market. A round voyage between the Middle East and India takes 12 days to complete.

Loading and Discharge Terminals in India and Middle East

We deliver cleaner energy to power a more sustainable future.