Working on initiatives, big and small, to reduce climate impact from operations.

Very Large Gas Carrier BW Pine

Reducing climate impact from operations

We reduce greenhouse emissions from our operations directly and indirectly, and advance the cleaner-energy transition in the industry. We reduce emissions from operations by ensuring voyage optimisation and weather routing. We limit harmful gas and water emissions, and minimise waste generation.


To ensure efficient energy management, our approach includes multiple onboard-energy monitoring systems, physical enhancements to the vessels, and continuous training and awareness for our onshore staff and crew. We also track and forecast vessel emissions intensities through data triangulation and address detected deviations. 


We believe that LPG as a cleaner-burning fuel can uplift communities.

At BW LPG India, we believe that energy can uplift communities. We are confident that a world propelled by LPG will be a sustainable one for tomorrow’s generations.

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Safety onboard a Very Large Gas Carrier

Health & Safety

Safety is a core value and creating a safe and healthy workplace with Zero Harm is non-negotiable and our top priority. We protect the health and safety of crew, employees and contractors. We prevent incidents through training, careful planning, identifying potential hazards and managing risks.

Our People

Our people are the key to our success. We need a motivated, engaged, and diverse workforce to be the leading energy shipping company in India. We will build a diverse, inclusive and discrimination-free workplace and provide equal opportunities. 

Community Engagement

We manage impact from operations on livelihoods, land, environments, health and well-being of people and communities. We want to help people and communities thrive by delivering cleaner energy, and supporting relevant community initiatives.


We demand the highest standards of integrity from ourselves and our stakeholders.

Safety onboard a Very Large Gas Carrier

Corporate Governance

We conduct our business with high ethical standards and in compliance with relevant laws, and we ask for the same standards from our business partners.

Beyond compliance, we ensure strict internal governance in our business practices. We follow established gatekeeping procedures when we debate strategic business decisions. We have clear and transparent procurement practices. And we enforce and audit operational policies at sea and on shore.

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption

We follow proper procedures when we operate in areas where risks of bribery and corruption are high. We provide training for crew and employees, and make our position on bribery and corruption clear to business partners. We also participate in industry efforts to stamp out bribery and corrupt practices.

Operational Excellence and Effective Management

We want to be our customers’ first choice for LPG shipping. As India’s largest owner and operator of VLGCs, we take pride in offering industry-leading customer service and operational excellence. We are committed to the safe and sustainable operations of our business, and one way we do so is by upholding strict practices in our business activities. We ensure that our internal processes are well managed, and we pay particular attention to risk management.

Seafarers at the upper deck of our Very Large Gas Carrier

Gender Diversity in Shipping

BW LPG India proudly sponsors female cadets to encourage greater gender diversity in shipping.

Community Resilience

BW LPG India proudly supports ProtoVillage, a local self-help initiative as they find systemic solutions for rural resilience in India.

We deliver cleaner energy to power a more sustainable future.