Celebrating India’s 75th Republic Day

As we mark India’s 75th Republic Day, we reflect on our journey and the role we’ve played in the nation’s maritime landscape.

Since our inception, BW LPG India has strived to be a reliable partner in transporting LPG, a vital energy source for countless Indian households and industries. Our focus on adopting advanced technologies and adhering to the highest safety standards ensures the secure and efficient delivery of this essential commodity.

Our success story wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the dedication and talent of our employees, on shore and onboard our vessels. Their commitment and professionalism have been instrumental in our growth as a company and our ability to use energy to uplift communities in India.

The 75th Republic Day invites us to recognize the strength that comes from unity. BW LPG India is proud to be a part of the maritime community in India, working collaboratively with industry stakeholders, government bodies, and local communities. Together, we contribute to the growth and prosperity of our nation.

Looking forward, BW LPG India will continue to grow and deepen our presence in India and evolve in line with the changing needs of the country. We want to play a significant role in the economic development and maritime strength of our nation.

We wish all who call India home a Happy 75th Republic Day!

We deliver cleaner energy to power a more sustainable future.

Lisa Lim
Lisa Lim